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Meet The Team

Team Greyt AdventuresTeam GA

Sunny wanted to call us two fat b*tches and a skinny dog but his humans objected so we opted for Team Greyt Adventures.

Most of the info on our site is based on our personal experience of being owned by retired racing Greyhounds since 2011.

We know what's true for us may not be true for you so we're always open to different ideas and points of view.

We're also happy to do the research or chat to our houndie people if we don't know the answers.

We'd love to hear from you so if you have something to share, have questions or would like to see something on the site, please give us a shout.

So, who are these fat b*tches humans?

KarenThe Jellyfish


Also known as The Jellyfish.

Writer, artist, chief greyhound wrangler and occasional mermaid.

Primitive, slightly mad, often barefoot and has the social skills of an electric eel.

Annemarie (Ammy)

Also known as Sunny’s Mama, or just Mama.

Artist, photographer, chief Sunny Mobile (SuMo) operator and the sociable one.

Adventurous, loves long walks and new scenery.

Slightly more civilised than The Jellyfish.

Ammy with houndsCrazy Greyhound Lady

About The Greyhounds

Sunny's Pawtobiography

Sunny the GreyhoundOh, hi!

My name is Sunny van Hegelwyk. My racing name was Calzaghe Sonybil, try saying that with a big juicy bone in your mouth. Ohhh, bones :)

 I inherited Mama and The Jellyfish from my big bro, Yogi, and I'm just starting my adventures with them.

Greyhound In The CarRoad trippin' with Mama

I do love going on outings with my Two-Legses in the car.

Sunny GreyhoundOoh, what's that?

Horse watching. Me on car outing to the horse field.

Paddling GreyhoundHaving a swim with Moose, the Newfoundland

I do love me a good swim. Moose the Newfi is the best swimmer. He makes me look like an amateur, pfft.

Greyhound on the beachMy first trip to the beach with the Two-Legses

Trying my luck in the sea. Do you think I can go in the deep end?

Nosy greyhoundWhat's over there? Looks like food. Ooh, veggie garden. I see strawberries.

I'll be seeing lots of exciting new things on my greyt adventures. I do hope you'll keep checking back to see what I'm up too.

Yogi's Pawtobiography

My name is Yogi Berra van Hegelwyk and I used to be a racing greyhound. I’m still a greyhound, but I don’t race any more.

Now, if you read that bit down there ▼ about my brother, Radley, then you will know he had Mom and Mom-Too. Well, me? I have Mama…

Ammy with YogiWith Mama in the park

…cuz she loves me, and feeds me, and takes me to the park, and lets me sleep in her room.

And The Jellyfish…

Karen AKA The Jellyfish swimmingThe Jellyfish getting wet

…cuz she’s always in the water.

Karen with a horseKaren with Squirrel

And cuz what’s that on her head? At first I thought it was an octopus but it has more than eight tentacles. Yup, jellyfish.

Yogi in the surfMama, help! It's getting me.

I have many greyt adventures. Check me out learning to surf.

Radley's Pawtobiography

Radley GreyoundBeautiful Radley

My name is Radley Armstrong van Hegelwyk and I’m a retired racing greyhound.

Does that sound too much like a twelve step programme introduction? Mom says it does, but I don’t know what she’s talking about so I’m not changing it.

I wanted to tell you my racing name but Mom’s so paranoid she thinks I’ll get tracked down and shot by some deranged lunatic who lost money on me at the bookies. (Psst, it's Hammy's Bluesboy).

Mom-Too thinks Mom is the deranged one, but I think she’s okay most of the time.

My crazy mixed up family

I have two moms, Mom and Mom-Too. Mom-Too used to be called Auntie but then things got complicated. Mom started looking after Great Granny-Too (I have two of those too) so I live with Mom-Too now, but I spend some of the day with Mom too as well.

I also have two dads. Dad went over the rainbow bridge to be with the cats, and Dad-Too is living on a beach in South Africa. 

Mom says he actually lives in a house, but I’ve seen the photos and he’s always on the beach! I want to go and see him but Mom says I’ll melt in the sun, or go batpoo on a snake and get myself killed. Anyway, sometimes we get to talk to Dad-Too on that thing the moms point at me to take my picture.

Radley and GrandadGrandad Coleby giving me cheese

Then there’s Granny and Grandad Coleby. I go to stay with them when the moms want to go somewhere that doesn’t allow Greyhounds.

I can’t imagine what they do there, or why they would want to go, but that’s humans for you – weird!

There’s also Auntie Lindsay, Uncle Ted and my cousin Amy, oh and Vryheid the car.

You’ll meet them all on one of my adventures. I’m sure.

My other aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents are in South Africa where there are scary things like snakes and sun, so you won’t be meeting them.

My Greyt Adventures

I’ve been to the beach,

Karen and RadleyWalking on the beach with Mom

and to the forest,

Radley with AmmyIn the forest with Mom-Too

and in the town,

Karen with RadleyAt The Angel Cafe with Mom

and through the wildwoods,

Countryside walksOutside the Wildwoods with Mom

and down to the water.

Radley Greyhound paddling‘Swimming’ with Mom-Two and Auntie Brooke

I’ve had a picnic at the pub,

Greyhound friendly pubWragby – picnic in The Ivy pub’s beer garden with Mom-Too and Great Granny

and I’ve even been shopping!

Greyhound in a shopShopping with Mom at Go Outdoors

PS: This is the last person who spammed Mom’s website so don’t go doing it on Greyt Adventures.

Greyhound with boneMmm, spam bones

Sadly Radley, Yogi, Grandad Coleby, Great Granny and Vryheid the car are no longer with us, but we know they share our greyt adventures in spirit.

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