Adopted Greyhound Of The Month

Handsome hound SunnySunny thinks he should be Adopted Greyhound Of The Month every month

Does your adopted Greyhound have an ego the size of a small country like Sunny does?

Hmm, I'm sure most hounds do.

And, let's face it, even if they don't there's nothing we humans like more than showing our babies off. Well, here's the place to do it.

Of course, Sunny thinks it's his job to be hound of the month every month.

He will get over it though. He secretly loves to look at photos of other Greyhounds. I'm pretty sure he's making sure no one is as handsome as he thinks he is.

I'd better not tell him but I think all Greys are beautiful and I'd love to see yours.

Your Furbaby Could Feature As Our Adopted Greyhound Of The Month

Greyhounds galoreGorgeous Greyhounds

Who doesn't love Greyhound photos? It's so easy to get distracted these days, especially if you spend as much time as I do working on a computer.

When my mind starts to wander I always find myself gravitating towards images of hounds.

Well, here's where you get to post your candidate/s for Greyhound of the Month.

Entries close on the last day of the month prior to the one being entered for when the winner will be randomly selected by Sunny.

Don't worry if you miss the deadline as any late entries will automatically be added to the next month's draw.

Here's how it works. Send us the most pawsome photos you have of your hound, or hounds.

Your hound/s will then feature on their own page on our site and, if chosen as the hound of the month, on the home page of the site too.

How do we choose? Well, at some time in the future we will have some kind of a voting system where you can vote for the adopted Greyhound of the month.

However, until I can get my technically inept brain around how we can do that, we will have Sunny randomly choose the winner each month.

What we'd like to hear from you

We'd like to see your favourite houndie photos and hear a little bit about them.  

As the star of the show, we will need your houndie's name.

We also need your name so we can credit you for the photo. If someone else took the photo please include their name for the photo credit and be sure you have the copyright holder's permission to send the image to us.

If you like, you can let us know where in the world you're located.

If you have a story to tell about your Grey please include that too.

What Happens Next?

Once we have received your contribution there will be a link at the bottom of this page to their very own page.

If your hound is chosen for Adopted Greyhound Of The Month he or she will be featured on our home page and the Greyt Adventures Facebook page for the duration of the month.

They will also receive a PDF download of their very own certificate as shown below.

Greyhound Of The Month CertificateGreyhound Of The Month Certificate

Important Information

Please read this important information before you submit your photos to our site.

By submitting your images to Adopted Greyhound of the Month you are stating that you own the copyright to the images, or that you have the permission of the copyright holder.

You must submit your name, or the name of the copyright holder, for the image credit.

By submitting to this site you are stating that you are over sixteen years of age, or that you have the permission of your parent or guardian to make the submission.

Ready to submit? Fill in the form below.

Your Candidate For Greyhound Of The Month

Use the form below to submit your entries. We need your favourite photo and little bit about your hound/s.

Please remember to only submit photos you own the copyright to, or that you have the copyright holder's permission to post.

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