My Greyhound Life
Where Every Day Is The Best Day Ever

Hello humans and hounds, Sunny here, introducing my Greyhound life. Here’s where I paws for thought on all things that interest me and my Two-Legses. I hope they will interest you too. Things to do and places to go, all hound friendly, of course. I’ll also be test driving exciting things like toys, SheepThings snacks and other houndelicious goodies.
Sunny enjoying a mid morning snoozeLiving The Greyhound Life - Snoozing

I do need to apologise for the interruption in my regular goings on as things are not all that they should be at GAHQ. I is not at home. No, indeed, I believe I’m breaking the rules but tis because of an emergency.

My Granny did fall on the ice and break both of her arms so my Two-Legses have had to move in with her to help.

Nosy GreyhoundOoh, DuckThings

Anyway, this means I have me a new stomping ground for a while. Tis actually very exciting for me because I’ve never explored these parts before.

My brothers, Radley and Yogi, did used to live here in these wilds but my Two-Legses moved before I started my retired Greyhound life with them.

I did only get adopted just before the CovidThing happened so I didn’t get to visit my Granny.

Living My Best Greyhound Life

Going on a marvellous with my mates is one of my favourite things to do.

We love to explore the woods and the river bank together. Check me out with my cousin, Banksy in Owlet Plantation.

Owlet is a lovely little woodland habitat not far from where I usually live. Tis a greyt place to explore and socialise with other friendly hounds. There are even ponds! How exciting.

Sometimes we even see critters. FoxThings, DeerThings and CrowThings are my favourites.

Sunny and Banksy enjoying the local woods
Greyhound out with friendsWith my mates Chester and Jasper and Auntie Lou

This is me having fun in the woods with my mates Chester and Jasper.

Auntie Lou is their mama and she always has the most delicious treats.

I do love my visits to the woods with them. 

I also like to walk with my mate Moose. Moose is a Newfangle or something. Oh, Mama says tis Newfoundland.

Anyway, he's huge. And he has a new baby sister called Flower.

Sunny and MooseWalking in the woods with Moose
Flower the Newfi puppyThe beautiful Flower

Now you've met some of my mates you'll know who I'm talking about when I take you on my Greyt Adventures. I have so much to show you and I'm very excited to share my Greyhound life with you.

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