Happy Hounds Abound

Well, I've had lots of happy hounds to visit recently and I can finally get round to telling you all about them. 

I've been so busy it was quite simply impossible to write on my site. Being a dog with a blog is very hard work when you have no opposable thumbs entertaining to do.

The Yogi MobileYoMo

You see, on account of the two-legses carelessness, I've had to entertain my friends at my house.

Smiling GreyhoundHappy smiley Georgie

Yes, Mama and The Jellyfish broke my car. Indeed, my Yogi Mobile is dead.

No YoMo means no outings to the cool woods to meet my mates, and the weather has been very un-English. Far too hot to do walking.

Since the last time we spoke I've had the very lovely Georgie to visit with her Mama, Auntie Sharon, and also Auntie Pauline. T'was very hot and we shared my fan and my crack cocaine dried sausage treats.

I also managed to mug Auntie Pauline for a gravy bone or two. Om nom nom. Well, it would be rude not to, wouldn't it? Auntie Pauline's hounds, Whisper and Joop couldn't make it, so it would be quite the travesty to waste the gravy bones.

More Happy Hounds

Yogi's Greyhound friendsThor, Trixie, Joseph and Lari

I've also had a visit from my friends Lari, Trixie, Thor and Joseph. Trixie is my sister. Well, half sister actually. I have many of them. You see, my dad, Hondo Black, got about a bit it would seem.

Anyway, personally myself, I prefer to go and visit at my friends' house. Their staff are much better hosts. We get piggy ears there. 

Mama and the Jellyfish are such bad hosts we only get chicken feet. DRIED chicken feet, I might add. Now, if they were nice juicy fresh ones that would be different. But dried? I ask you.

Mama says the dried ones are more expensive. Pffft! Expensive is as expensive tastes. And these do NOT taste expensive.

Of course, I can't go and visit my friends because the two-legses broke my car!

Even More Happy Hounds

Yogi's visitorsAlfie and Roxy

Alfie is one of my best mates. He and I were in kennels together before we found our furever homes. Roxy is another one of my many half sisters. I love having them round to visit.

Alfie plays with my toys. Tis a good thing I'm a caring, sharing hound and I don't mind him biting the foot off my frog. The Jellyfish took the foot off him cuz she thought he might swallow it. Honestly, does she think we are stupid??

We are super good at knowing the difference between snackage and spit-out-ables. These two-legses have no faith in our brain power.

Won't they get a shock when we rise up and take over the world? Ooh, did I type that out loud? Shhh.

And Some More

Happy houndsMama with Chester and Jasper

<<< These are my mates Chester and Jasper with Mama.

Their Mama, my Auntie Lou, sometimes takes me to the woods with them. (Cuz the two-legses broke my car!

Adventures in the woods are pawsome. I love to dig big holes but that Jellyfish always fills them in. She says we don't want anyone to fall in and break an ankle.

Really? Why does she think I dig them big enough to see? All that hard work ruined in seconds. Pfft.


Poppy, Cassie, Jenson and Percy (with The Jellyfish)

Four more of my mates. Poppy, Cassie, Jenson and Percy. They have more brothers and sisters, Bernie, Kate, Grace and Harvey, but they stayed at home. You will meet them in one of my adventures when I can actually get out and about. When it's not too hot the two-legses replace my car.

I just have to say that we weren't all in my house at the same time. Although, we could have been.

We really are a very refined and well behaved breed. There have been 10 happy hounds in my home before and we were as quiet as smoked salmon.

Imagine 10 Springer Spaniels all in one place. Nooo, maybe not :o

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