by Louise

Frog dog commando crawl

Frog dog commando crawl

Hello everyone my name is Jasper, and I admit I’m not a greyhound but I am at least part saluki sighthound.

I’m about 4 years old and started my life as a stray so my hooman isn’t quite sure when my birthday is. My auntie Annemarie saw a picture of me on a local rescue's Facebook page and sent it to my prospective mum as she wanted a sibling for Chester.

They came to see me but someone else was also interested in me. So they saw two other dogs before me but Chester didn’t like them. Then I came out and it was brotherly love at first sight!

Chester and I rooooed at each other and bounced round and that decided it and I had a new home and family.

At home I’m a lazy lounge hound, I love roaching on the sofa, or my mums bed. When I want attention I’ll whine until mum comes over and gives me cuddles or I’ll get mum to pick me up and lay on her lap. She doesn’t complain too much as she loves me.

When we go for a walk on the lead I’m slower than a snail. But when I’m off the lead in the woods I’m the fastest hound ever! I zoooom everywhere and bounce in circles. I love going in water (though I don’t like having a bath) if there’s water then I head straight to it. Ponds, the sea, puddles, dirty ditches. It helps to cool me down after the zoomies, and I love to swim!

One of my silly nicknames is frog dog because of how I like to sprawl on the ground and crawl around.

Every day is bestest day ever because I’m a happy hound and know that I’m loved.

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Mar 01, 2021
Hi Gorgeous Jasper
by: Karen

Ah, Jasper, we love your story. Thank you for sharing it and your lovely photos too.

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