Paws For Thought
Words Of Wisdom From The Greyhounds

Paws for thought is Sunny’s very own section of the website. He doesn’t know it yet but we may sneak in the odd story by Yogi and Radley too. They both had blogs in their time and it would be a shame to lose their stories.

For now I’ll leave it to Sunny to manage his own pages though I reserve the right to edit his content as he does have a tendency to make up his own words.

His English is improving every day but he’s still more fluent in Greylish (a hybrid language of Greyhound and English).

Sunny loves going out on regular adventures and one of his favourite things to do is brag about his ‘marvellouses’. (Yes, he made that up.)

Due to the Covid-19 situation, Sunny hasn’t been getting out and about as much as he thinks he should.

It hasn’t stopped him posting about the greyt adventures he has had on his Facebook page though.

Let's go, Mama, I'm bored

On his paws for thought page he’ll be expanding on those adventures. He’s been nudging me to give him his own page for quite some time now but I can’t guarantee he’ll update it that often.

I’m sure he’ll be bragging about the new skills he’s learnt during lockdown but once the novelty wears off we’ll see who’s doing the nudging.

Lazy Greyhound lifeSunny's idea of managing his web page

Insights Into Life With A Greyhound

If you're planning to adopt a Greyhound Sunny's stories will give you some idea of what life with a retiree is really like - albeit from the hound's perspective.

One thing I can say after a decade of living with Greyhounds is that you’ll never be bored. 

The Hounds Paws For Thought

Below you’ll find links to scribblings of the hounds of Greyt Adventures. I hope you enjoy Sunny's take on life.

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