Greyhounds At The Rainbow Bridge

Having your hound go to the Rainbow Bridge is heartbreaking. It's especially difficult if you have to make the decision to help them to pass.

We treasure the memories we made with our two bridge boys so we decided to put up a memorial page to celebrate the lives of those hounds who are no longer with us.

Our Rainbow Bridge Boys

Radley was my first Greyhound and losing him was devastating. He was in my life from 2011 to 2014. At only 8 years old, he was taken far too young.

Radley GreyhoundRadley
Yogi GreyhoundYogi

Yogi went to the Rainbow Bridge in January this year (2020) and I'm finally able to share memories with people without wanting to burst into tears.

I was such a wreck when we first lost him that I found writing a tribute to him was much easier than telling all of our friends in person. That's one of the reasons I set up this page.

We are so lucky to have the wonderfully supportive network of friends we have in our houndie community.

Our dear friend, Suzanne, sent us this beautiful olive wood heart to commemorate Yogi. I often sit and hold it in my hands and have a quiet moment with my boy.

Olive wood heartOlive wood heart - front view
Rear view of Yogi's memorial heart

I've added both of our boys' stories using the form below. We'd love it if you would add yours too.

I think it does us so much good to share the precious time we had with our Greys with fellow hound lovers.

Share Your Treasured Memories of Your Rainbow Bridge Hounds

Would you like to share your memories with us? Fill in the form below to honour your hound with their very own page.

Rainbow Bridge Stories

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