Retired Greyhound Events
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Retired Greyhound events are a fun day out and a greyt way to give your hound some quality social time.

Greyhound's day outEnjoying The Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue Show

Looking for a retired Greyhound event near you?

Look no further. We try to keep our calendar as up to date as possible but it's a big old world out there. If you know of an upcoming Greyhound related event that we've missed please let us know.

So far, the only retired Greyhound event we were aware of in 2020 was the Great Global Greyhound Walk in October which has sadly now been cancelled. It will be back in 2021 though.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 events are few and far between at the moment. We will be adding any that we find out about though, so bookmark this page and keep checking back.

We hope to see you at a Greyhound event soon.

Been to a greyt Greyhound event? Tell us all about it.

We've had some very interesting times at Greyhound events.

Yogi at a dog showYogi helping to raise funds for Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust

There was the time that Yogi was so interested sniffing a little dog's butt that he cocked his leg and peed all over my foot. Bless him, he was mortified when he realised what he'd done.

I'm pretty sure he meant to pee on the little dog. I would have been mortified if he'd done that.

The entertainmentDancing Collie at a local dog show
Radley watching the Greyhounds in the ringRadley enjoying a show

Then there was the show where Radley tried to get into the ring and join in with the dancing Border Collie. He got all excited as soon as the music started and once the Collie started his routine, Radley was fascinated.

He started with a little whistle under his breath which soon escalated to a shriek. Before I knew what was happening he was trying to drag me into the the ring.

I walked him a little way from the ring as, by now, he was causing a bit of distraction. He could still see the dancing though and he was determined to be involved. He was hopping and spinning on the spot, much to the amusement of a group of young kids. I think some members of the audience were as entertained by Radley as they were by the Collie.

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