Yogi Berra 14/12/09 - 10/01/20

by Karen
(Lincolnshire, England)

Early Morning Walk

Early Morning Walk

Yogi was the most wonderful hound anyone could have wished for. He had his quirks and was definitely a bit odd at times but we loved him so much.

During the all too short five years he was with us he blossomed into the most loving and affectionate hound he knew how to be. Yes, he showed us his teeth from time to time, he shouted at dogs across the street, terrified the poor postman, and would happily have consumed a small child if given the opportunity, but we loved him anyway.

He is the reason we have so many wonderful friends. He’s the reason we moved to Gainsborough where we have never been happier. He’s the reason we got up in the mornings. Yogi changed our lives, and us as people, for the better.

About 4 years ago he was diagnosed with a lipoma on his right wrist which we affectionately called his nobble. Over the past year his nobble began to grow. The vet suspected it may have become a soft tissue carcinoma but, as they rarely spread and are rarely painful, the advice was to leave it alone unless it bothered him.

Since he regularly dug his way to middle earth, swam wildly in his favourite pond and used his nobble as a pillow we trusted it wasn’t bothering him.

On Friday he had two wonderful walks and was his usual bright and frisky self. I took him out for his pre tea walk and when we got home he flew up the stairs for his meal. In his enthusiasm he bumped his nobble on a step.

He came in, had his tea and headed for his sofa for the usual post-prandial roach. A little later he graced us with his presence in the lounge, made a big show of nesting in his corner and went back to sleep. All was well.

At about 22.30 I got ready to take him for his pre bed walk. I dropped the usual treat into his bowl to get him up but he didn’t run to the kitchen. I went to see why and he was standing by his bed holding his right paw up. His nobble had almost doubled in size and he was clearly in pain. He couldn’t bear weight on the leg so there was no way I could even get him out to the toilet, never mind to the vets.

We already knew, due to the vascular nature of the nobble, that euthanasia would be the only option when it started to bother him so we made devastating decision to ask the on call vet to come and put him to sleep.

In true Yogi style he tried to kill her when she arrived but in the end he passed peacefully on his favourite blanket on my bedroom floor.

Yogi was one of a kind, an absolute legend, and we owe him so much. We will love and miss him forever.

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