House And Hound
Do You Need A Dog Sitter? 

Is a dog sitter a good option for you and your hound/s? We offer a dog siting service tailored specifically to Greyhounds.

Going away on holiday can be a bit of a nightmare if you spend your time worrying about your furry family members.

Some hounds are perfectly happy in boarding kennels, some even see it as a holiday of their own. Others are not so impressed.

I would never have put Yogi in kennels as he was such a nervous boy. 

House and Hound dog sittingWaiting for tea - Happy in their own home

Sunny on the other hand can’t wait for me to leave when I occasionally drop him off at ‘doggy day care’.

How Does Our Dog Sitter Service Work?

Yogi and Trixie GreyhoundsHome Comforts

Sunny is very much part of the team so if your hounds are happy to have another Greyhound for a visit we can take care of them in their own home. We will ensure they keep to their routines for walks and mealtimes and we’ll give them as much love as they want.

We’ll also water houseplants, and gardens, mow lawns and do any other bits and pieces that may need keeping on top of while you’re away.

Roaching GreyhoundNo place like home

Having someone present in your home gives you extra peace of mind too.

We provide all of our own food and Sunny’s so you’ll only need to make sure there’s enough food to your hounds while you’re away. 

We’ll also make sure you have bread, milk and whatever other essentials you need in for your return.

Home Away From Home?

If you only have one Greyhound needing holiday care it may be possible for us to have him or her with us in our home. We only have two prerequisites - your hound must be comfortable going up and down stairs and they must be happy to share space with Sunny.

If you’d like to know more about House and Hound get in touch via our contact form and we can discuss your requirements.


While we don’t offer a regular dog walking service we may be able to accommodate your Greyhound on occasion. If you live local to the DN21 area and need help with the odd walk give us a shout and we’ll see if we can help. If we’re not available we can put you in touch with other Greyhound friendly dog walkers in the area.

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