Greyhound Care
Keeping Your Hound Happy and Healthy 

Greyhound care is not difficult as they don't have any major grooming needs and, once you know their little quirks, they're fairly easy to please.

Did I actually type that? Well, some of them are easy to please.

Let's take a look at the basics of keeping your houndie happy.

Greyhounds out and aboutHappy Healthy Hounds

Greyhound Grooming

Fortunately Greyhounds tend to be fairly clean in their habits and having really short coats grooming is rarely hard work.

We do have a friend whose hound likes the occasional roll in fox poo but I promise he's the exception to the rule.

Greyhound Coat Care

As I said, they have really sort coats and they don't have the under layer that many other breeds have. This means they don't shed as much. A quick whizz over with a soft brush a couple of times a week is really all they need.

Nail Care

It's important to keep your hound's nails short and free from any rough edges. Groomers and vets are happy to trim nails and don't charge a fortune so, unless you're confident you know what you're doing, it may be better to leave nail care to the professionals.


Greyhounds are notorious for having issues with their teeth. This is one of the reasons many pet insurance companies refuse to cover them for dental work. Pet Plan is the only one I know of in the UK that covers dentals.

Brushing your hound's teeth with a soft brush will help as will allowing them to chew on something that helps to remove tartar. Sunny has a raw meaty bone once a week which keeps him busy for several days.

Feeding Your Greyhound

Good nutrition is an important part of Greyhound care. It can also be a pretty controversial subject. Our advice is to feed the very best quality diet you can afford and that your hound enjoys.

Greyhound Care Is About Having Fun Too

Greyhound care isn't just about keeping them clean and well fed, it's about enjoying time together too.


Many people assume that because Greyhounds are used as racers that they need a lot of exercise. This is not true.

As we said on our Myth Busters page, Greys are built for speed and not stamina. Two twenty minute walks a day will keep most hounds happy and healthy.

If you have a secure place where they can have the occasional run, even better.

Play Time

Many Greys love their toys. Play time keeps their mind stimulated and prevents boredom. It's always a good idea to have hound-safe toys available for your hound as boredom can lead to behavioural issues.

Many a TV remote has been lost to a frustrated Greyhound.


Greyhounds really do like their little luxuries and their comfort is the one area where they require a bit more work than most breeds.

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping GreyhoundNesting is serious business

It won't have escaped your notice that Greyhounds are rather bony creatures. Because of this they do need a soft place to rest. They also like to nest, so a comfy bed with layers is best for your Grey.

Greyhound Clothing

No, we're not mad and we don't dress our hounds for fun or fashion. Greyhounds have very thin coats and very little body fat so regulating their temperature is quite an art.

Coats in the winter are a must. House coats and pyjamas are recommended if you have a cooler home and/or a very sensitive hound.

Cooling coats and mats are greyt for the summer months too.

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