Greyhound Dog Bed
The Skinny On Sleep Space

Sunny commandeering my bedGet off whose bed?

Why would a greyhound dog bed differ from any other dog bed? Great question.

Greyhounds are skinny, bony dogs and really do need somewhere soft to sleep.

They also like to dig up their bedding to make a nest.

With this in mind we decided layering was the way to go.

Sunny has a bed in every room of the house and every one of them is different.

So, what makes the best Greyhound dog bed?

Well, if you’re going for a commercial bed there are a few things to look for.

Size - Greyhounds are big dogs and, although they can curl up really small, they do like to stretch out too. I go for the extra large whenever I buy a new bed.

Cover - It’s always a good idea to get a bed with a removable cover. This makes life so much easier on wash day.  I feel a word of warning is in order here. All three of our boys have given us the cold shoulder when we’ve washed their bedding. They really do not approve of nice fresh smelling beds.

Thickness - Because Greyhounds are so bony they can get pressure sores from spending long periods of time on hard surfaces. The trouble is, we’ve bought a few thicker beds and found that the stuffing in them can sometimes clump up and make the bed uneven.

Radley's favourite bedRadley on his favourite greyhound dog bed

Radley's favourite bed was one that went clumpy. I always worried that it would be uncomfortable. It never seemed to bother him but this is why I prefer to make beds up in layers.

Sunny's messy bedSunny's 'nest'

The kitchen bed is two double duvets, one on top of the other.

He rarely nests on this one as he’s always too interested in what’s going on. He’s only ever in the kitchen when there’s a possibility of food.

His bed in Ammy’s room is a sofa but he has yet to try it out. Yogi loved the sofa and that was his main sleeping place.

I do wonder if he senses that we still consider that sofa to be Yogi's and that's why he hasn't been on it yet.

I like the high density memory foam as the bottom layer of the bed and then nice soft layers like duvets on top.

Sunny’s lounge bed has three layers. The first is a memory foam mattress topper for a double bed. That’s folded in half and placed in a duvet cover.

On top of that he has a beanbag dog bed and on top of the beanbag he has a single duvet folded in half. At least that’s how it starts out every morning.

Waiting for teatimeSnoozing in the kitchen
Banksy on the sofaSofas make greyt beds too

Sunny's favourite bed is in my room. It’s the one he shares with me. 

The first three nights we had him we took his lounge bed into Ammy's bedroom and he slept on that. On night number four he crept into my room and joined me on my bed.

Greyhound on the bedSunny taking over my bed

At the time I had a single bed - not the most comfortable night of my life, as you can well imagine.

The very next day I had a double bed in my room and the rest is history.

Now, I know sharing a bed with the hound isn’t for everyone but it works for us.

Yogi was allowed on my bed during the day but he rarely took the opportunity to join me at night. This was probably a good thing as he was prone to sleep startle.

It’s no fun waking up in the night to the sound of a growling Greyhound.

Sunny also has a bed in the hallway. This is just a simple memory foam dog bed. It doesn’t have the layers for nesting as the only time he every uses it is when he’s too hot. It’s the coolest place in the flat.

The Epic Greyhound Dog Bed Fail

Bed fail - it's a thingGreyhound dog bed fail

The epic bed fail is a thing with Greyhounds. They are big dogs and can take up lots of space.

One of the most amusing things they do is spend half an hour digging up the bed to make a lovely comfy nest and then flop down next to a big heap of bedding.

Radley was well known for this.

He’d spend ages scooping the entire bed into a mountainous pile and then flop down with his butt up in the air and his front end on the floor.

Greyhounds missing the bedDouble Bed Fail
Bed failOutdoor Bed Fail

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