Greyhound Adoption

Greyhound adoption is the starting point of many a greyt adventure. Could one of these loving dogs be your perfect companion?

Radley GreyhoundRadley enjoying the sunset over the Trent Valley

There are many things to consider before opening your heart and your home to a new family member. Perhaps the most important being, 'Is a Greyhound right for me?

You also need to be sure you can afford itAll pets need good quality food, access to veterinary care and to be kept free of parasites.

Grooming, tooth and nail care is important too. Comprehensive pet insurance is always a good idea.

Once you've decided adopting a hound is for you, the next step is going to meet a few.

Your local adoption organisation will help you with this. If you already have a pet it's a good idea to let them help you chose your new housemate.

Animals are great judges of character and a pet who knows you well may have strong feelings on inviting a new one in.

Radley GreyhoundRadley - our first retired Greyhound
Yogi out walkingYogi - our second retired Greyhound
Sunny GreyhoundSunny - our current boy

Every Greyhound is different. If Yogi had been my first hound I'm pretty sure he would have been my last.  I'm not even sure I would have stuck out the teething problems. But because I'd had a hound before, I knew their potential.

Three years on and he's the most wonderful companion anyone could wish for. All he needed was love, time and patience. I wouldn't be without him for the world.

The Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust would never have homed Yogi with us if we hadn't had Greyhound experience. This is why it's so important to build a relationship with the organisation you adopt from. You need to be sure that there will be aftercare and support available to you if you need it.

It's also important to know that if things really don't work out for you, or the hound, that you are able to return him/her to a place of safety. Any reputable organisation will take the hound back if you can't make it work. This service should be offered for the life time of the hound.

Find Your Local Greyhound Adoption Organisation

Our aim is to put together a huge database of retired Greyhound adoption organisations. We're starting with those based in the UK simply because that's where we are, and we already know members of many of them.

Please feel free to get in touch if you know of, or run, a reputable organisation anywhere it the world and we will happily add you to the site.

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